Kayak Launch Location


Beach Rd, East Providence: (CRMC unknown*) Directions from north take Rt 114 south, continue onto Rt 103 where Rt 114 turns to the left. Continue south, where Rt 103 swings left go straight onto Bullocks Point Ave. Continue south following Bullocks Point Ave until you see Crescent Park on the corner of Crescent View Ave. Beach Rd is the extension of Crescent View Ave. across from Crescent Park that leads west down the hill to the water. From Barrington to the south, come up Rt 103 on Country Rd/Willett Ave and continue through the new Rt 103 intersection dividers onto Crescent View Ave. There is parking for about 6 cars on Beach Rd, but there is no turn-around at the end of the road. Alternate parking is available across the street in Crescent Park There are no sanitary facilities in the area, but there are bushes on the beach that provide limited discrete privacy.

*The E. Providence ROW designations are not listed by street names, they are listed as numbered beachways.

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