Southern New England Coastal Access Index Maps

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The red shaded areas represent links to detailed maps which contain links (red dots) to known (and potential) kayak launch sites. The launch maps are small topographic maps where the launch site is in the center of the map. Links to aerial photographs of the sites are provided. Note that topographic maps and aerial photos may be out of date, and newer facilities will not be shown. The topographic maps can be old as 50 years and the aerial photos are of 1995 and 1997 vintage. A few of the nicer boat launches built by the State since then are not seen in the aerial photos. Most of the launch sites include recent (onsite) photographs of the launch area and eventually all will. Local directions to the site are included and will be improved in time.

Clicking near the edge of a detail map will link to the next adjacent detail map. Other non-adjacent sides of the map will link back to this index map. Click on the left side of this index map to access Connecticut sites, and on the right side to access the Cape, and upper right to access Boston.

These maps contain about 100 launch sites which were derived from Ricka information, that published on the Sea Grant ”The Daytripper's Guide to Rhode Island” and that available from the Rhode Island Coastal Resources Management Council (CRMC). The current legal Public Right of Way (ROW) status of some of the RI sites has not been resolved due to lack of funding. If you are curious, check my copy of the CRMC Public Right of Way status page and the ROW designation process. All coastal access points need not be on the CRMC list, some are State owned sites, some are under the jurisdiction of the towns and cities.

The Sea Grant site, has finally been completely revised (Spring, 2005). It includes the new document "Public Access to the Rhode Island Coast" in pdf format, broken down into various demographical areas of Rhode Island. It is an excellent 84 page document and is available from the RI Sea Grant's online bookstore at for $10 plus $3 shipping and handling.

As always, I am open to corrections, additions and general input from Ricka members and others.