RICKA Sea Kayaking

Updated August 22, 2010
by M. Krabach www.krabach.info

Unofficial photos of the Sea Kayaking group of the
Rhode Island Canoe/Kayak Association www.rickaseakayaking.org

Mostly paddled in the Narragansett Bay Area, the 'Best day paddle area in the United States'.

Photos may be viewed two ways, by clicking thumbnail index photos, or by using topographic maps linked to the photos. The maps encompass the area paddled and have clickable buttons to the photos or shaded boxes that link larger detailed maps with buttons.

For a map of the Southern New England Coast which shows locations (and links to) some of the Ricka day trips listed below, see the [coastal map].

August, 2002 -- Dutch Island exploration [Index] [Map]

May 30, 2005 -- Spinks Neck Beach, Davisville to Prudence Island [Index] [Map]

July 3, 2005 -- Goddard Park to Warwick Fireworks at Buttonwood Park [Index] [Map]

July 10, 2005 -- Hingham Harbor to Peddocks Island in Mass. Bay [Index] [Map]

July 16, 2005 -- Kings Beach Foggy Day to Easton Bay, Newport [Index] [Map]

July 17, 2005 -- Barn Island Foggy Day to Dodges Island, Mystic [Index] [Map]

July 30, 2005 -- Slocums River to Allens Pond, Dartmouth [Index] [Map]

August 6, 2005 -- Pier 5 to Galilee Beach and Pt Judith Harbor [Index] [Map]

August 7, 2005 -- Ft Wetherill paddle to Brenton reef and Sheep Pt Cove, Newport [Index] [Map]

August 13, 2005 -- Ft Wetherill circumferential paddle around Jamestown Island [Index] [Map]

August 20, 2005 -- Jamestown, Gould and Rose Island Hop in East Passage [Index] [Map]

August 19, 2006 -- Haines Park to Bristol Town Beach with Waves [Index] [Map]

August 27, 2006 -- Ft. Wetherill to Newport Harbor Wooden boat show [Index] [Map]

September 9, 2006 -- Ft. Wetherill Island Hop with Coddington Cove diversion [Index] [Map]

October 8, 2006 -- Rye Harbor, NH to Isles of Shoals open ocean paddle [Index] [Map]

October 21, 2006 -- Westport Harbor and East Branch with lunch on white rock [Index] [Map]

November 4, 2006 -- Magazine Park to Barking Crab Restaurant, Boston Harbor [Index] [Map]

December 3, 2006 -- 3rd Beach, Sachuest Pt. to Ochre Pt. Newport [Index] [Map]

June 30, 2007 -- Ft. Wetherill to Tall Ships in Newport Harbor [Index] [Map]

August 11, 2007 -- Heads Beach to Dutch Island Fortifications and beyond [Index] [Map]

August 25, 2007 -- Barn Island, Stonington to Ram Island and back [Index] [Map]

September 23, 2007 -- Rye Harbor, NH to Isle of Shoals off shore paddle. [Index] [Map]

September 30, 2007 -- Westport Harbor to Gooseberry Neck and over Horseneck Beach [Index] [Map]

October 7, 2007 -- Charles River paddle to Barking Crab Restaurant in Boston Harbor [Index] [Map]

July 12, 2009 -- Sakonnet Point Rock Gardening. [Video]

Sept. 15, 2009 -- Neponset River to Boston Harbor, Ft. Warren and Boston Light. [Index] [Map]

October 6, 2009 -- Upper Sudbury River Fall Paddle toward Framingham. [Index] [Map]

October 25, 2009 -- Kayaking Ocean Swells off Jamestown, RI . [Video]

June 26, 2010 -- URI Bay Campus to Bell Buoy "NR" south of Beavertail Point. [Index] [Map]

August 1, 2010 -- Kings Beach for Rock Gardening around islands and shoals off Newport, RI. [Index] [Map]

August 9, 2010 -- Pier 5 Narragansett to Pt. Judith to Harbor of Refuge. [Index] [Map]

August 21, 2010 -- Gooseberry Neck, Westport, to Cuttyhunk and back. [Index] [Map]

September 11, 2010 -- Kayaking from 3rd Beach, Newport, to Sakonnet Point. [Video] [Map]

September 18, 2010 -- Waiting for Hurricane Igor. [Video] [Map]

May 20, 2012 -- Kings Beach, Rock Gardening along Newport Neck coast. [Video] [Map]

November, 3, 2012 -- Hurricane Sandy effect on Kings Beach and URI Bay campus beach. [Index]

Sea Kayaking on Youtube.com

Up through 2007, photos have been scanned at 1600x1000 or 3300x2000 pixels. Newer digital photos are 3547x2736 pixels. The photos you see here are in 640x400 pixel format. If there are any photos that you would like to see, or save, in the larger format, email me: mkrabach at cox.net.

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